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Station Activities


It is with heavy heart that we announce the passing of Valley Center Firefighter Chris Thompson on July 4, 2020. FF Thompson was full of passion and life experience. He proudly served in the US Navy for several years. When he got out of the Navy, Chris decided to help humanity in other ways. He became a mentor with an honorable program called Active Valor. This program places military veterans into a mentor position for young kids that have lost a parent in combat. Chris took this role seriously, as he did with everything. FF Thompson also decided to join the fire service. He was hired by Valley Center 4 months ago. He was operating in the role of a probationary firefighter, working on the fire engine and ambulance. Chris brought his mentor experience to the fire ground. He was often consulted by some of his younger probationary peers for guidance around the station and on the field. In FF Thompson’s short time serving our great community, he made an impact. He was part of a crew that literally saved the life of a little girl in town. For the last 2 days our Firefighters have been hiding our tears as we continue to press forward with our jobs. In true fire family nature, the entire department rallied together yesterday for hugs and stories. We were all fortunate enough to meet the woman responsible for bringing Chris to us all, his mother.

FF Thompson, thank you for your service to this great nation and to this great community. You will be missed. We will take it from here brother.

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