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About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Valley Center Fire Protection District is to provide exceptional All-risk fire, emergency medical, and community risk reduction services critical to public safety, health, and the preservation of life and property.

Our values are: Integrity, Professionalism, Loyalty, Pride, Exceptional Service, and Financial Responsibility.

District History and Organization

The Valley Center Fire Protection District was formed by a majority vote of the people in 1982. We have a 5 member elected Board of Directors who governs the District. The Directors are elected, volunteer members of the community and the VCFPD.

VCFPD employs a Fire Chief, 2 Division Chiefs, 6 Captains, 6 Engineers and 6 Firefighter/Paramedics. We average 25-30 Firefighters who are District employees making a basic minimum wage while in training. We consider all the Firefighters to be career employees, not volunteers. We also utilize an Admin Assistant and a part-time bookkeeper.

VCFPD has two fire stations, and each station is staffed with one Fire Captain, one Fire Engineer, two Firefighter Paramedics, and one Firefighter EMT daily. We own four Type 1 Fire Engines, one Type 6 Squad, and house an OES Water Tender.

VCFPD also contracts with the County of San Diego for funding of a Paramedic ambulance transport service provided by Mercy Ambulance Transportation Inc. This is an exclusive operating area which covers most of Northeast unincorporated County area.

The VC Fire Protection District is 84.5 sq. miles. We serve a population of over 23,000 people. We respond to approximately 1,300 calls a year. Our average response time has increased due to traffic concerns to 9 minutes on average. Within the VCFPD service area is 1 CAL FIRE staffed station and 1 San Pasqual Reservation Fire Department station. Just outside (1/2 mile) the VCFPD service area is Rincon Reservation Fire Department station.


Most of the terrain in the District is rugged, offering steep hillsides and deep canyons.

Emergency Operations

Fires, Rescues, Hazardous Material and Special Incident responses are generally supported by a minimum of 17 personnel. This constitutes our effective firefighting force on an initial dispatch and consists of: 1 Chief Officer, 3 Fire Engines, 1 Ladder Truck, 1 Rescue Squad and 1 Mercy Paramedic Ambulance.

Valley Center Fire Protection District enjoys a great working relationship with our neighboring Municipal and Tribal Fire Agencies. This provides Automatic and Mutual Aid coverage in the event of multiple 9-11 calls in our response area and provides like assets to mitigate all hazards and risks to our community. Valley Center Fire Protection District responds in kind when our neighbors need assistance through the same shared agreements.

Paramedic services are provided to our community through an exceptional working and contractual relationship with Mercy Ambulance. Together, through a public private partnership we provide Advanced Life Support Paramedic Treatment and Transport to the Valley Center Paramedic Service Area. Both public and private agencies have a common goal of providing the highest level of patient care while delivering exceptional service through shared core values of Loyalty, Integrity and Trust. We pride ourselves in providing this service by utilizing this innovative method of fiscal responsibility.

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