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VCFPD Staff works out of two primary fire stations: Fire Station 1 is located at 28234 Lilac Road. It is the District Headquarters and houses a Paramedic Fire Engine, Battalion Chief, Fire Marshal, CERT Office, District Administrative Staff and the Fire Chief.

Fire Station 2 is located at 28205 N. Lake Wohlford Road next to the Valley Center Sheriff’s Department Substation. It houses a Paramedic Fire Engine and Paramedic Rescue Squad.

Station 1
28234 Lilac Road, Valley Center, CA 92082

A Shift
E161 – Captain Joe Basinski
– Engineer Jeremy Randall
– Firefighter-Paramedic Rachelle Otasu

B Shift
E161 – Captain Jon Blumeyer
– Engineer Daniel Marquez
– Firefighter-EMT Matthew Doyle
– Firefighter-EMT Austin Greenlee

C Shift
E161 – Captain Andre Paredes
– Engineer Steve Mandich
– Firefighter-EMT Austin Newman
– Firefighter-EMT Ashton Wright

Station 2
28205 N. Lake Wohlford Road, Valley Center, CA 92082

A Shift
E162 – Captain Scott Duncan
– Engineer Chris Palmer
– Firefighter-EMT Ashlei O’Hair
– Firefighter-EMT Anthony Escalante

S162 – Firefighter Paramedic Jacob Haproff
– Firefighter-EMT Justin Wood
– Firefighter-EMT Alex Smith

B Shift
E162 – Captain Jesse Sharpe
– Engineer Robert Westler
– Firefighter Paramedic Austin Paredes

S162 – Firefighter-Paramedic Mike Urrutia
– Firefighter-EMT Spencer Williams
– Firefighter-EMT Adam Ramirez

C Shift
E162 – Captain Tom Spencer 
– Engineer Brennen Ross
– Firefighter Paramedic Robert Provencio

S162 – Firefighter Paramedic Adam Delaney
– Firefighter-EMT Will Grossi
– Firefighter-EMT Logan Dearborn

Acting Captains Daniel Marquez and Chris Palmer

Emergency Medical Responses from each Fire Station are generally supported by a minimum of 5 personnel. 1 Fire Captain, 1 Fire Engineer, 2 Firefighter Paramedics and 1 Firefighter EMT respond as a highly trained team to provide advanced life support care on every response with Mercy Ambulance and Valley Center Fire providing advanced life support care and transport.

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